National Fisheries Western Rock Lobster are held at sea and on land in Live Tank facilities that are designed to minimise mortality and stress.


Our operations include ‘open circuit’ Dockside Live Tanks strategically located at our major fishing ports. These tanks take the Western Rock Lobster directly from the fishing vessels within only a very few hours of catch, and place them in ocean water directly sourced from the natural habitat of the lobster.

At our land based factory our unique ‘closed circuit’ Live Western Rock Lobster tanks are temperature controlled and computer monitored to create the perfect environment for the Western Rock Lobster. We control all aspects of the environment to ensure our Western Rock Lobster are kept in premium condition.

Kailis Bros National Fisheries live lobster holding tanks have a combined capacity of more than 25,000 Kilos.

 We have depots and live tank facilities in Geraldton, Leeman, Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Lancelin, Two Rocks, Fremantle and Mandurah.

We also receive Western Rock Lobster from Hillary's, Mindarie Keys, Ledge Point, Dongara and Kalbarri