Western Rock Lobster are caught in pristine ocean waters off the Western Australian coastline between Kalbarri in the north and Augusta in the south.

The fishery was the world's first to be certified as ecologically sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2000. In 2012, it became MSC certified for a third time.

WA’s Western Rock Lobster Fishermen operate under strict licence and quota restrictions, and contribute catch and other scientific data to WA Fisheries to ensure that the fishery is protected for future generations.

National Fisheries has been working with the Western Australian Western Rock Lobster fishermen and WA Fisheries to sustainably harvest and export Western Rock Lobster for more than 25 years.

National Fisheries is proud of its partnership with the Western Rock Lobster fishermen of Western Australia.

The strong partnership between National Fisheries and the local Western Rock Lobster industry has been built over time and represents an integral component in the continuing successful Stewardship of the WA Western Rock Lobster fishery.

This close relationship and continuing involvement with key stakeholders like the Western Rock Lobster Council (WRLC) & the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) ensures that the fishery is managed and maintained at all industry levels, from catch to processing and distribution.?

Despite being one of Australia’s largest processors of Western Rock Lobster, National Fisheries places a premium on sourcing only the highest quality and exceptional Western Rock Lobster direct from WA’s Western Rock Lobster fishermen to satisfy the most demanding international restaurant trade.

As the primary provider of Western Rock Lobster, WA Western Rock Lobster fishermen are a valued resource, and National Fisheries aims at all times to maintain a strong professional relationship with Western Rock Lobster providers, who are essential to maintaining the continued supply of high quality, responsibly fished Western Rock Lobster that meets exacting National Fisheries standards.

Above all, National Fisheries recognises the key role that WA Western Rock Lobster fishermen play as the front line in the ongoing care and conservation of Western Australia’s most valuable single species fishery.

National Fisheries will continue to work collaboratively with government, educational institutions & leading industry bodies to ensure that all our seafood is caught using the most responsible fishing methods available and we encourage projects to increase the minimum size of its fish, reduce fuel costs and waste.