Packed for Japanese restaurants seeking only the highest quality of traditional seafood, the Kailis Bros Sashimi Western Rock Lobster is frozen and packed to the highest quality. The word Sashimi means "pierced body”, it consists of fresh raw meat, most commonly Lobster or Fish, sliced into thin pieces according to Japanese tradition.

Sourced from our live Western Rock Lobster operation, Sashimi Grade Western Rock Lobster is snap frozen using a nitrogen fuelled freeze blaster which ensures maximum freshness and a Sashimi grade of Western Rock Lobster.

At National Fisheries our Sashimi Western Rock Lobster is prepared and shipped with the knowledge that Japanese culture dictates only the freshest produce and we are proud that our product meets these highest of standards. 

Grade Weight Per Piece (GMS) Count Per Box
A <460 10
B 461-570 10
C 571-690 10
D 691-800 10
E 801-910 10
F 911-1140 10
G 1140+ 10