National Fisheries has been exporting Live Western Rock Lobster for over 25 years.  We have a proud history of providing the freshest Western Rock Lobster in Australia to the world. National Fisheries is a key supplier to China, Taiwan. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and the United States.

Our customers put a premium on live product. We aim to get our live produce from the tank to the customer within 72 hours, ensuring a high grade animal in perfect condition. 

National Fisheries operates two live Western Rock Lobster holding tank facilities with a combined total holding capacity of 25,000 kilos.

Our live Western Rock Lobster tanks have industry leading technology which allows for the healthiest and freshest produce. Chilled recirculated water is fed through the tanks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The water for the tanks is passed through a coral bio-filtration system, allowing key nutrients and nitrates to keep the Western Rock Lobster in pristine condition and healthy for transportation.

The Fremantle based facility is an “open holding system”. The larger Canning Vale based facility is a “closed” recirculating system using state of the art technology, with enhanced bio-filtration and temperature control. This system enables Western Rock Lobster to be held for longer periods of time, ensuring continuity of supply virtually 12 months of the year.

Kailis Bros Clipper K brand live Western Rock Lobster are selected and packed to exacting specifications with mortality at worldwide destinations consistently below 1%. Packaging is in 9kg net weight polystyrene boxes with "pine shavings" used as a packaging protectant and gel packs added for temperature stability.

Our live Western Rock Lobster are sold by the kilogram (kg), with prices dependant on supply, availability annd seasonality. Kailis Bros industry leading transportation and live tank facilities ensure that you receive a product that is as fresh as when it was pulled from the ocean. 

Shipment of 60 x 9kg per AVE (LD3) air containers are most common.

Grade Weight Per Piece (GMS) Count Per Box
A 340-500 31-35
B 501-600 26-30
C 601-700 22-25
D 701-800 19-21
E 801-1000 15-18
F 1001-1500 11-14
G 1500-2000 8-10
H 2000+ 5-7