KAILIS BROS COOKED HALF AND CLEAN (also available in raw condition)

Kailis Bros' Quality Assurance and Product Development team, working with our valued customers, have developed a premium quality, "ready to eat" Western Rock Lobster product that requires little or no preparation, other than the addition of a sauce or mornay if desired.

Our half and clean Western Rock Lobster portions are ideally suited to hotels, restaurants and catering operators who seek the convenience and cost effectiveness of a precisely graded, ready to use product that ensures no wastage and accurate product cost.

Premium quality cooked lobsters, free of missing legs and imperfections are precision cut in half and fully cleaned internally using freshwater with an additive. Liquid Nitrogen is used as a freezing medium to -70°C. A protective crust is added to guard against the rigours of extreme low temperature freezing.

The product is packed and sold in cartons containing 36 individually wrapped halves per carton.

Grade Weight Per Piece (GMS) Count Per Box
A 170-190 36
B 191-230 36
C 231-260 36
D 261-320 36